Testimonial: Backyard Green Films & San Diego filmmaker Rick Bowman for the film Mandolin in B

Rick Bowman is a San Diego, California based filmmaker, and a client of New Media Rights.  Rick runs a small production company, Backyard Green Films.  He creates documentaries on topics near and dear to his heart, and recently completed a documentary on musician Herschel Sizemore, a pioneer of Mandolin playing and legend in the Bluegrass world.  The documentary has been well received with some great reviews, and is now available via Amazon and screening at film festivals around the country.
When you create a film that includes music, you inevitably run into complicated music licensing laws.  New Media Rights provided critical legal services to make sure this film became a reality.
Rick Bowman Testimonial

“I am a independent local San Diego filmmaker and recently completed my documentary film.  I went to the team at New Media Rights for advice, as they had been very helpful in helping me to properly complete my previous film.

It is very difficult to make sure that all music licensing rights and contracts are completed correctly for a film, as there are so many aspects to consider.  As a filmmaker, that type of thing is not my forte, or where I wish to concentrate my efforts.  It is a great comfort to me that New Media Rights has not only had advice for the legal and administrative issues (contracts, releases, etc.), but they have been able to quickly answer any questions I have regarding additional legal items that arise.  They have been willing to check my documents, do research, and make phone calls.  Without their services I wouldn’t have had access to legal help for my film.

I am truly grateful that I can concentrate on running my filmmaking studio and business, instead of trying to figure out the convoluted nature of law and contracts.  I appreciate that there is an organization such as this to be there to help filmmakers in their endeavors, and to help me to be able to concentrate on successfully running a small business.”

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