Veoh triumphs over Universal Music in lawsuit on social media liability, gives lesson in the DMCA safe harbor

"Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon" by Matt Hamm, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 2.0. It is uncertain whether Veoh will be a major player in the future of online video. There is little doubt, however, that it has had a significant role in defining the boundaries of social media liability.

Veoh's victories against IoGroup and Universal Music have helped provide a model for social media and web 2.0 services in protecting themselves from liability.

Veoh's newest triumph is getting the district court to grant summary judgement that it is "entitled to the section 512(c) safe harbor."


VeohTV is an online video "aggregator" with the goal of delivering "Internet TV." You can access videos from multiple sites using a single player. A "DVR" for web video lets you record programs to watch later. While VeohTV does a pretty good job of adding a TV experience-like feel to watching videos online, the content is nothing new. But hey, at least you don't have to navigate to a bunch of different sites to get it.