MDY v Blizzard: Terms of Use and Copyright Infringement

A recent case was decided upon that is important to the understanding when software license breaches will be treated as copyright infringement or simply breaches of the contract. The case continues to show that a court’s decision one way or the other can have dramatically different results in terms of how much in damages a defendant must pay.

Essential Free and Open Source Software Toolkit

A tool kit full of Free or Open Source software
Open source software has gained popularity because of its effectiveness, flexibility, security, and low cost. By adopting an entirely new philosophical approach to software development and user freedom, open source software empowers you, the downstream user not just to use it to perform a task, but to build upon, adapt, and modify it to fit your needs. In this way thousands of developers and users around the world are able to work to improve the software's effectiveness, flexibility, and security. Join the many people around the world using open source software, a way of life that encourages openness, sharing, community, innovation, and discovery.