From the site:

- create and layout a web page with any content, using the web browser. No downloads.

- share your new web page and let others add their own content to it.

- form groups with other users to privately collect and collaborate on your web pages.


From the site:

MyBloop allows users to upload an unlimited number of files for free. Through this website, you can share your files with anyone, listen to music, create playlists, back up files and share your digital life with the world. Transform your browser into a media center with unlimited storage. There are over 18,000 users adding to our growing collection of 250,000 files.


Bittorrent is the underlying filesharing and peer-to-peer software that allows the easy transfer of very large files through distributed networks. Bittorrent also provides a "client," which is software program that an end user can use to download files using the underlying bittorrent software.