desktop sharing

Gogrok for Skype

From the site:

The best way to work with your co-workers online. 

Sometimes voice is just not enough. Imagine if you were to explain the usage of a software application, how do you find explaining that through IM text chat or Skype voice? What if you and your friends/co-workers all want to edit the same file or use the same software application? Gogrok can fill the gap. 

You may share your software/file/desktop with other Gogrok users as long as they are online. It's very easy to use. 

Gogrok works hand in hand with Skype. You may discuss with your friends/co-workers using Skype voice. If you have to show and share something to help understand each other better, launch Gogrok along with Skype to enhance the communication.

Yugma - Skype Edition

From the site:

Skype revolutionized real-time communication online. Now, Yugma revolutionizes real-time collaboration by enabling quick and instant sharing of ideas by letting you conduct virtual meetings or share desktops spontaneously. Yugma works across platforms - working seamlessly between Windows, Mac and Linux, and is easy to use. Yugma lets you connect with up to 10 other people for free.