September Update: Standing Up To Content Bullies

New Media Rights
New Media Rights has made a name for itself standing up to content bullies, and we've done it once again this month.  After you check out the latest below, help us take our fight against content bullying to SXSW by voting for our panel "Stand Up To Content Bullies, Know Your Copy Rights!" on the SXSW panel picker. Voting ends September 6 so vote now!

New Media Rights fights content bullies yet again!
Media Literacy Project is an Albuquerque, New Mexico based nonprofit.  Through education and grassroots campaigns, Media Literacy Project works to help people become “critical media consumers and engaged media justice advocates who deconstruct media, inform media policy, and create media that reflect their lived experience.”

Sometimes government or corporate interests don’t appreciate their criticism.  Recently, New Media Rights stepped in and helped ensure they were not unfairly silenced.

Video Games and the law: Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property

Planning on creating a video game, or created one already? Our latest guide helps you understand some the frequent questions about copyri"676 - Burning Pac-Man -- Seamless Texture" by Flickr user Patrick Hoesly used under Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Creative Commons License ght, trademark and intellectual property when it comes to video games.

Learn how video games are protected under copyright and trademark law, how to respond when your game is removed from the web or an mobile app store by a DMCA takedown notice, and the many ways the law affects the creative process of making a video game.