Sami Danly


Legal Intern

Joined NMR in: 

May 2023

Sami is a second-year student at California Western School of Law with a BA in Political Science (Magna Cum Laude SDSU). A San Diego native, Sami has extensive experience with digital applications as a world-class gamer, a legal researcher for a major New York firm, and a scholastic mentor for underserved students.

Sami has an abiding interest in the intersection of law and technology and the myriad issues confronting creators, corporations, and consumers. Helping people navigate the exciting and hard-to-predict complexities of thriving in the digital world is extremely challenging and rewarding and Sami is excited to join the NMR team and help his clients and colleagues achieve great success and positive outcomes in a rapidly changing world. Sami can also assure you this bio was NOT written by ChatGPT.