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How New Media Rights grew in 2013

  1. In November 2013, we provided services to our 860th tech & media law inquiry since June 2010. We continue to provide free or nominal fee legal services to hundreds of clients consisting of copyright, free speech, media, and internet law matters with annual budget of less than $150,000.
  2. For example, we provided legal services to a variety of preventive and transactional projects that launched to substantial accolades, including a film that might be on its way to an Oscar nod and a seriously amazing open source independent video game
  3. We continued our efforts to fight content bullying. In January, we helped remix artist Jonathan McIntosh get his amazing 'Buffy Versus Edward' remix back up after it was repeatedly taken down. In September, we helped the Media Literacy Project stand up to a bogus copyright claim from a third party. In October, we also helped the Lansdowne Library Teen Advisory Board get their video unmuted after it was disabled for the second time through YouTube’s Content ID system.
  4. We held our first 3D printing advice night in conjunction with FAB LAB SD and provided valuable intellectual property guidance to a half dozen innovators whose work truly inspired us.

  1. We participated in hearings that helped mold legislation for a new copyright small claims court and wrote comments to try to reform copyright law for the digital age.
  2. We continued to add to our library of video legal guides, including our LAGD series for indie game developers, and our Copyright FAQ series.  We also produced a timely video this past Spring to explain the new Copyright Alert System monitoring internet subscribers' internet connections.  In jsut the last year we've had nearly 120,000 views of our 150+ video library, and we now have over 2300 subscribers! 
  3. We launched our guide to Free Speech and Censorship for Students
  4. We provided more than 10 workshops in California to independent creators and Internet users.
  5. We educated 5-6 law students each trimester [Spring, Fall, and Summer] in public interest internet law issues.

Looking Forward

While we are able to accomplish so much with a small staff of two full-time employees along with a few interns and volunteers, we have high hopes for what we are able to achieve in 2014.

  1. Helping over 400+ individuals around the world with internet-specific legal matters, especially with unjustified takedowns prompted by DMCA Takedown notices and automatic filtering like YouTube’s Content ID system.
  2. Sponsoring and organizing more than 12 workshops and community events throughout the San Diego region and throughout the United States about digital rights. Including speaking at SXSW in Austin for the first time!
  3. Working on policy initiatives to reform copyright law to ensure the Internet continues to be a thriving force of information and distribution for users and independent creators. This includes commenting on potential revisions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  4. Launching our clinic class with California Western School of Law to better train the next generation of lawyer to understand the needs of creators and entrepreneurs.

Significant events of 2013

  • January 2013- We helped remix artist Jonathan McIntosh get his amazing 'Buffy Versus Edward' remix back up after it was repeatedly taken down by content bully Lionsgate.
  • April 2013- Executive Director Art Neill was reappointed to the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee where we ensure internet users have a seat at the table in policy and regulatory discussions.
  • June 2013- We launched our New Media Rights Advisory Board made up of creators, entrepreneurs and innovators! These luminaries also serve as New Media Rights ambassadors to the community.
  • August 2013- The City of San Diego Office of Small Business awarded New Media Rights a $23,800.00 Citywide Small Business Enhancement Program grant.  Not only did New Media Rights receive a perfect score on the application but the City of San Diego called New Media Rights an “[i]mportant, unique, cutting-edge, and much-needed program and services to be offered to technology and media-related small business in the city of San Diego.” We're proud to be partnering with the City of San Diego in ensuring critical legal services are available to San Diego based creators and entrepreneurs.
  • October 2013- We helped the Lansdowne Library Teen Advisory Board get their video unmuted after it was mistakenly tagged for the second time by YouTube’s Content ID system.

Significant press in 2013

Daily Times - Chalk up another win for Lansdowne kids; audio restored to ‘Read It' video

Salon YouTube’s court of no appeal

Wil WheatonGoogle Removes Comedy Group's Video from YouTube. Kafkaesque Nightmare Ensues

Boing BoingComedy troupe loses YouTube account after viral success of "PS Gay Car," can't get anyone at YT to listen to them

Forbes - "Copyright In The Twilight Zone: The Strange Case Of 'Buffy Versus Edward'" -

ARS Technica - "“Buffy vs Edward” remix unfairly removed by Lionsgate"

You can see all of our recent press on our press page.


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