Egypt: Sawiris and the Niqabi Minnie Mouse

Egyptian Christian business tycoon, and recent politician, Naguib Sawiris, posted a cartoon on his Twitter account showing Mickey Mouse with a beard and Minnie Mouse in Niqab, and commented on it saying: “Micky and Minnie after…”

He received lots of comments later from people who didn't accept what they see as mockery of the Islamic religion.

@shaimaahijazi: Naguib Sawiris, you don't deserve that I waste my precious holy time to reply for your non-sense!

Other users added that besides it being offending, it's not a smart move from a politician as he will loose people's respect and support.

@alan_1254: This isn't smart, and quiet offending. I don't like that. You're losing a lot of people's respect

@ircpresident: بالذمة ده سلوك واحد سياسي @ircpresident: Is this a politician attitude!?

Some weren't really sure if it was offensive or not.

@Canuckpharaoh: Tweeps are furious about the pic that #Sawiris just shared. What do you think #Egypt, funny or offensive?

Lamia Moussa, on the other hand, saw people's reaction as some sort of double standard.

@LamiaMoussa: Don't you see the hypocrisy? Claiming you're all for freedom & tolerance (and aba7a [profanity]), while you attack MB [Muslim Brotherhood], Salafis & Sawiris?

Dina and Abou Eita added that we have to differentiate when such kind of jokes come from ordinary people, and when they come from public figures, especially when they are making fun of other people's beliefs.

@DinaNasser: You're accusing him cuz he's @NaguibSawiris bs lw kan wa7d tany el2al kda kan 3ady!!El pic di muslims 7atoha aktr mn christians

@DinaNasser: You're accusing him because he's @NaguibSawiris, but if it were someone else it would have been okey. Many Muslims already shared this picture, more than Christians.

@Abou_Eita: @nadaskandar @NaguibSawiris Dr. Nada. We all saw it before. But coming from Mr. Sawiris himself -a public figure- mas2ala Tania [different issue]

Egyptian blogger Traveller Within compared the reactions of today's Muslims to the incident, to that of Prophet Muhammad towards similar incidents centuries ago.

A non-believer would put trash on Prophet Muhammad's doorstep every morning; the Prophet would just push it aside and go on his way.
One morning, there was no trash to be found; after inquiry, the Prophet was informed that the man was gravely ill..
So he went to visit him and wish him a speedy recovery.
This is how the Salaf – the early Muslims – would behave when they were insulted. Those early Muslims would be ashamed of today's “Salafis”, who claim to be following in the early Muslims' footsteps

Sawiris was forced later on to apologize, and he removed the cartoon:

@NaguibSawiris: I apologise for any who don't take this as a joke , I just thought it was a funny picture no disrespect meant! Assef!! (Sorry)

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