The Google Panda Guide: Part 5 - The AdSense Dilemma

Hey AdSense publisher, are you really ready for Google Panda? Almost four months have gone since Panda, the new quality content filter from Google that has hit the web making thousands of web sites close business in the name of giving greater space to real quality content. Not to web sites that have been built and maintained exclusively for the purpose of making money through ads.

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It's time for me to provide some advice and recommendations, especially to those, who are afraid of being hit by the Panda algorithm, but are not yet quite sure of what is best to do.

As a matter of fact, if you are small independent publisher, living off advertising revenues, the solution may be in many situations one that, yes, it may eventually get you out of Panda, but it will surely also kill your possibility of economic survival in the short term.

This is why, I have to admit, the solution may not be as easy as most SEO "gurus" would like to suggest.

For many this is a live or die choice, and therefore not one where one can simply choose on the basis of what Google would seem to prefer or what a SEO expert may say.

Here one needs to choose by looking at the bottom line and at the options available to survive. This is what it comes down to and these here below are my considerations about it.

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Robin Good

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