NMR Testimonial: Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson is an Emmy winning female director of the media reform documentary "Broadcast Blues" and editor of SueWilsonReports.com

In the early '90's, she won Emmys for specials she produced for Jim Lampley, Bree Walker, Sylvia Lopez and others at KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, and then turned the spotlight on wasteful government spending for Sacramento Fox TV station KTXL, where her Emmy winning stories changed national, state, and local spending policies. In 1998 , Wilson broke national TV news of pharmaceuticals appearing in drinking water, which forced the US EPA to begin testing. Her AP, RTNDA, and PRNDI award winning radio show "Healing Healthcare" at Sacramento NPR station KXJZ in the early 2000's helped put more nurses on the job in California.

How did you find out about New Media Rights? 

After completing my documentary film, Broadcast Blues, a group of filmmakers found that their films were illegally being put online for free viewing. That prompted me to do some research, and I discovered New Media Rights. Art Neill happily answered our copyright questions, and offered free assistance to rectify the problem. That was the beginning of a great relationship.

What was the problem that you asked New Media Rights to assist you on?

New Media Rights has helped me with so many issues: beyond the copyright infringement which got me started with them, Art and Mera Szendro Bok helped me with Fair Use issues, Creative Commons, how to properly clear materials for a webinar I am devising, and even put me in touch with Harvard's pro bono legal group (Online Media Legal Network) on another matter.

What were your concerns before NMR assisted you?

Legal issues can be daunting; not only do I need advice I can count on, like so many content creators, I lack significant resources to hire very expensive attorneys. Not only does this public interest organization provide pro bono assistance, they do so with passion. And they always have the greatest attitude!

How has NMR helped improve your life?

I feel that I not only have colleagues at New Media Rights that I can depend on, but friends. How good is that?

Why would you suggest other people check out New Media Right and ask for assistance from us?

Anyone who needs help with copyright, Fair Use, or new media issues would be doing themselves a great favor by contacting New Media Rights. They are almost too good to be true (But they are for real!)

This testimonial does not constitute a guarantee,warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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