NMR Testimonial: David Almilli

David Almilli is a local San Diego independent developer, entrepreneur and the innovator of the Wordsmith App. Below is David's testimony about his experience receiving assistance from New Media Rights, assistance that helped him fight and win against game giant, Hasbro.

My experience with working with New Media Rights tells me that they are well informed and they don't play the games that the stereotypical lawyer plays. Working with Art was delightful and he made me feel well informed throughout the entire process. I am very grateful for the service New Media Rights has provided and I'm thankful that I managed to find them at the time I needed them the most.


How did you find out about New Media Rights?

I found NMR ultimately thru a Google Search when searching about the DMCA and takedown requests.


What was the problem that you asked New Media Rights to assist you on?

I originally was calling to just find out how to handle the DMCA takedown and where to even start, but little did I know that Art was going to help me through the entire process to the end.


How did you feel about having this problem? or What were your concerns before NMR assisted you?

I was a bit scared because being on the other end of a potential lawsuit is not somewhere I wanted to be. I thought I did my research to stay away from the copyright issues before I released Wordsmith looking at how other companies handled the copyright issue. But when a big company such as Hasbro issued a DMCA takedown, I immediately started to panic. At first I thought that was the end of Wordsmith because I don't have the resources to fight Hasbro. And I had just recently quit my full time job to work on Second Breakfast Studios full time so all the things like ending my company were going through my head. Once I talked to New Media Rights and they looked at Wordsmith, I immediately felt better knowing that Hasbro was stretching it's limits by filing the DMCA.


How did New Media Rights help you with your problem?

New Media Rights pulled though. It took diligence and persistence, but they helped me through the entire process until the end. Hasbro didn't have the same sense of urgency as we did to get Wordsmith back in the Market. NMR continually kept on them until we got Hasbro to have a discussion with their lawyers. New Media Rights helped Hasbro and their lawyers see how much Wordsmith is different from SCRABBLE(R) Once they did, they immediately withdrew the DMCA notice.


How has NMR helped improve your life?

NMR helped me deal with the important issues in order to get Wordsmith back in the Market. Even through the process, I was able to focus on things other than the DMCA takedown because NMR kept the communication open and I knew about what was going on through the whole process.


Why would you suggest other people check out New Media Right and ask for assistance from us?

NMR seems to be focused on helping out the little guy. Small businesses and independent developers can easily be crippled by big corporations if they are strong-armed and New Media Rights is there to help. They are proponents of fairness and competition for all business unit sizes. I would say anytime you think that New Media Rights might be able to help, definitely call them and find out because they just might surprise you.

This testimonial does not constitute a guarantee,warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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