NMR Testimonial: Brave New Films Releases Documentary on Gun Violence in America

Our client, the non-profit Brave New Films, has created a powerful, eye-opening documentary about gun violence in America entitled Making a Killing.  The core team included California Western School of Law students Erin P. Murphy-Girard '17 and Joshua Pedersen '16, as well as New Media Rights program Executive Director Art Neill. The team worked closely with Brave New Films providing key legal services necessary to complete the film. In addition, New Media Rights' staff attorney Teri Karobonik, as well as students Patrick McManus '16, Stephanie Trejos '17, and Nick Sabatella '16 all contributed to the project.

Brave New Films Vice President of Operations, Devin Smith, had the following to say about his experience with New Media Rights:

"It’s often said collaboration is the key to making a great documentary or film and after our experience working with New Media Rights I can honestly say it’s true!   From day one, some 18 months before completion of our film, Art Neill and team were on board to provide their expertise, critical thinking, and guidelines around Fair Use and many other legal issues.  Throughout our production and until final cut, not only did they provide answers but they also provided an education that allowed us to understand and build upon our own legal knowledge base that enabled us to secure E&O coverage for our film.  We couldn’t have completed the film on time without them and our team is now even better prepared for future projects!"

Here’s the trailer:

BNF is taking a largely grassroots approach for the initial release, distributing the film for free through screenings at community, school, and church groups around the country.  The NMR team worked to meet aggressive deadlines to help BNF stick to its schedule for the film’s strategic release. 

Here’s what our team of law students had to say of their experience working on “Making a Killing.” 

“This project solidified my desire to work with creators. Advising a film like ‘Making a Killing’ from start to finish provided a sense of fulfillment, and an educational experience far beyond familiarization with the legal doctrines and principles involved in the filmmaking process.” – Erin P. Murphy Girard

“Working with BNF was a unique opportunity for me to learn how to transform legal concepts into information that was usable for the client. Most importantly, I learned the value of team work. Each experience with new clips of the documentary continued to strengthen my ability to understand copyright and fair use, to write to non-lawyer clients, and to communicate better with my colleagues.” – Joshua Pedersen

Executive Director Art Neill had the following to say:

"Josh and Erin went above and beyond on this project, meeting aggressive deadlines and ensuring that this film has the best chance of success. They made themselves knowledgeable advisors on complicated areas of the law, and their attention to detail and excellent client communication will make them excellent attorneys."

Check out the film’s website here:  http://www.bravenewfilms.org/makingakilling

The film accessible for viewing parties and group screenings for those who express interest through submission on the BNF website: http://www.bravenewfilms.org/mak_organize

This testimonial does not constitute a guarantee,warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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