NMR Testimonial: Andrew Bratt

Andrew Bratt is a local San Diego entrepreneur who was looking for assistance on music licensing and agreements for his innovative startup. New Media Rights has guides on copyright and licensing, and may be able to assist you with your music licensing questions, just contact us!

How did you find out about New Media Rights?

Asked a question about digital music licensing to the list serve for the SD County Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division and Jason Eliaser responded and recommended NMR.

What was the problem that you asked New Media Rights to assist you on?

I asked for assistance regarding a contract pertaining to sale of music on our website.

What were your concerns before NMR assisted you?

I was unsure about the particulars of music licensing. My background was in corporate law, not IP, so I felt very unsure and knew that the consequences for not doing this correctly could be severe.

How did New Media Rights help you with your problem?

NMR provided me with helpful feedback and suggestions for my music service, including some things that were unrelated to my initial question (but helpful nevertheless).

How has NMR helped improve your life and work?

NMR saved me the cost of having to hire an outside attorney, which we couldn't afford as a startup.  NMR helped identify the issues, and therefore enabled me as an attorney to draft the contracts myself.

Why are NMR services important to the public?

Matters related to IP are highly specialized and are often counter-intuitive. Advancements in technology, communication, e-commerce and other similar spaces are beneficial to society, and creators of these advancements should not be stifled by a lack of legal assistance.

Why would you recommend other people use NMR services?

NMR has excellent personnel who are easy to work with and identify the major issues. Best of all, the service is free and therefore advances the cause of progress.

This testimonial does not constitute a guarantee,warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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