The Copyright Alert System and a meeting with the Mayor of San Diego! - March 2013 Newsletter

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In this issue:

  • Understanding the Copyright System
  • New website content and educational guides
  • A meeting with the Mayor
  • Upcoming Events
  • Job opening: Staff Attorney Fellow

Understanding the Copyright Alert System:
Last week, a number of the major internet service providers in the United States, including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Time Warner, began implementing the "Copyright Alert System." The system allows content providers like large media companies (i.e. Motion Picture Association of America [MPAA] and the Recording Industry Association of America [RIAA] ) to police your Internet Service Providers's networks for copyright infringement. This means they monitor Internet traffic, and when potential copyright infringement is identified, the copyright holder will send your IP address so that the ISP will notify you. From there, the ISP will engage in a series of escalating warnings and actions with internet subscribers intended to discourage digital "piracy."

You can read our new FAQ to learn more about how the new system may affect you as an Internet user, and how to ensure that the system isn't abused.

New website content and guides

We've been working on the NMR website by updating content and adding new educational guides.  We base our work on guides on input we get from you, our community, and the clients we serve, about the practical questions that creators and internet users need answered..

Our new FAQ about student's First Amendment speech rights in public high school. It includes topics like whether students can be censored for their speech on campus or off campus

We work so hard on helping folks that its hard to keep up with telling you about all the things we've accomplished.  To remedy this, we've updated our "About Us" page with a timeline of our accomplishments

We've also added a press page so you can keep up with our mentions in the media quickly and easily.

Meeting with the Mayor

On Friday, March 8, New Media Rights and tech startups from Ansir Innovation Center were invited to meet with San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to discuss the needs of startup tech companies here in San Diego. Art Neill represented New Media Rights, and shared the work we're doing with Mayor Filner. The group as a whole discussed the need to find ways for startups to better interface with the city, as well as various ways the City could foster its local startup community.

Upcoming Events

Meet with NMR at March Mingle in San Diego, CA on Wednesday, March 13th
New Media Rights will be at this year's March Mingle IX on March 13, 2013 from 7:00PM – 9:00PM. The event will be at ScaleMatrix at 5775 Kearney Villa Road, San Diego, CA 92123

Since 2004, March Mingle has brought together 100's of people each year from the San Diego tech community for a night of networking, food, drinks, and relaxation. Organized by the folks at San Diego Tech Scene, March Mingle brings together developers of all flavors together for San Diego’s annual “Technology Woodstock” or “Ultimate Geek Happy Hour.”  Hosted at a local venue and conducted without sales or technical presentations, you are invited to talk shop, trade war stories, and munch on finger food while enjoying the evening with San Diego’s finest technologists. Plus, there's a raffle with prizes.

A full list of all of the San Diego tech groups invited to participate can be found on the event's official site:

The American Association of Law Schools Transactional Clinical Conference on April 5-6 in Austin, TX

New Media Rights' Art Neill will be speaking on the closing plenary panel at the AALS Transactional Clinical Conference in Austin, TX.  The conference is a great place for folks that work with law students in transactional clinics across the country to come together an learn from one another.

The National Conference for Media Reform, April 5-7 in Denver, CO

NCMR is a bi-annual conference attended by thousands of folks in media reform field, and is taking place in Denver, CO this year.  Visit their site for more info 

Job Opening: Staff Attorney Fellow

We're excited to announce we have a new position opening at New Media Rights as of today for a Staff Attorney Fellow!

Please share this information with any attorneys or recent law school graduates that have a passion for public interest and internet law.  This is a paid position.  The position is open immediately and we are accepting applications only until March 22nd.

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