New Partnership Highlights NMR’s Work with Early-Stage Startups

“Our partnership with REC allows us to reach a new generation of technology entrepreneurs here in San Diego.”

So said Art Neill, California Western's New Media Rights' (NMR) Founder and Executive Director, as he commented on NMR's latest partnership following the first in a series of REC online Advice Days held at the end of March.

“California Western law students will see firsthand the challenges these entrepreneurs face getting their businesses off the ground,” continued Neill. “Our law students will then advise on early-stage intellectual property, privacy, and other legal issues that could become critical to the viability of these businesses.”

The San Diego Miramar College REC Innovation Lab provides resources to anyone in the region who is interested in starting or scaling a business. The REC acts as a business incubator, helping students turn ideas into scalable businesses and helping those companies to thrive and grow.

Welcoming the partnership, Tanya Hertz, the founder and head of the REC said, “The partnership between NMR and the San Diego Miramar College REC Innovation Lab has been really impactful.”

The REC provides resources to entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds so they can follow their passion and use technology and innovative approaches to turn ideas into impactful startups. The 20 teams that make up the first REC cohort are working on projects as diverse as health apps to services that use drones to assist in agriculture.

Erika Lee, NMR’s Staff Attorney, who has been instrumental in making the REC Advice Days happen, said it could be crucial for entrepreneurs to get as much early-stage guidance as they can. “We're excited to engage with the participants of the REC program as they are cultivating their ideas and building their businesses here in San Diego,” added Lee. “We're proud to be partnering with a program that supports local innovation.”

Hertz also acknowledged that one of the significant benefits of the NMR Advice Days is informing early-stage projects about legal issues before they encounter them.

“Informing founders on legal issues like trademark infringement, ambiguous shareholder or employee contracts, and improper licensing can help them avoid fines and claims that could easily be avoided,” said Hertz. “Issues such as employee termination are potentially much more costly than hiring the right people, especially when you consider the costs of potential lawsuits, loss of productivity, and poor morale.”

Shaun Spalding, NMR's Assistant Director, is looking forward to future Advice Days and stated that the REC has been a great partner in terms of connecting them with new opportunities that they can provide to the students.

“I think this partnership highlights our educational work in the community and our interest in preventing legal issues before they happen.”

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