The New Narrative: Storytelling and Community in San Diego, California

The New Narrative  is a storytelling series started by Nathan Young in San Diego, California. The events have a theme (ie. Family, Communication, Identity, Relationships) and 6-8 speakers, with hundreds of people in attendance. The events go beyond storytelling, the goal being to "define the narrative for our lives and shape it towards the path of creating a healthier, more fulfilling, equitable, and sustainable world." New Narrative events create a community gathering space, and forum to discuss important subjects in novel and productive ways.

To make such an event and accompanying online presence work, there are legal needs along the way. New Media Rights was glad to be able to provide services to the New Narrative to help draft documents and address questions that arise when hosting and filming storytelling events.

Nathan Young, organizer of the New Narrative had this to say about working with New Media Rights.

"The New Narrative is a shoestring creative endeavor. Without the help of Art Neill and New Media Rights we might not have been able to move forward with the project. New Media Rights was able to offer us the legal services we needed to publish the content we helped create and protect our digital assets as independent content creators. They were able to offer as a set of tailored services all at a rate we could afford."

Hernandez had this to say
"New Media Rights is dedicated to helping creators and innovators like Mr. Young protect their visions. Through our collaboration with Mr. Young, we were able to identify the various legal services he would need in order to ensure a fluid and successful event where his rights and the rights of the speakers and the attendees were considered and protected."
Executive Director Art Neill said "New Media Rights continues to play special role here in San Diego, as a go-to resource for a variety of arts nonprofits and projects throughout the City." Students Brittany Hernandez and Rojina Harirparsa worked with Neill on the project.

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