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New Media Rights offers free filmmaking equipment (cameras, lighting, and audio) to artists in the greater San Diego region. Right now, the studio includes of a high-end video camera (Canon XL2), shotgun and lavalier microphones, a green screen, professional light kit, tripod, a dual-monitor G5 apple workstation, Final Cut Studio (including Motion, Soundtrack, and LiveType), as well as open-source programs for image editing, and video and audio capturing. Purchases of new equipment are made upon request. If you would like to see us buy a new piece of equipment, contact us. Or apply to use the equipment

In addition to the equipment, the NMR Studio provides creators with another resource: knowledge. We have someone in house to provide assistance on how to best use the equipment and plan your shoot as well as lawyers who can provide legal and business advice to creators like you.

Who can use the NMR Studio?

NMR is looking for innovative projects that are outside the realm of mainstream studio-produced content. Preference will be given to projects that: contribute to the public domain by committing to creative commons or other versions of open source licensing that permit future creators to reasonably build upon existing creative works , make use of new media distribution channels, and are within NMR's current interests. The NMR Studio is available primarily for individuals and non-profit organizations, but for-profit businesses with projects that meet the stated criteria can apply to use the studio as well.

If you have a great idea, but you don't meet all the requirements, don't worry about it. Send us a form anyway! The last thing we want is to see a great idea lost for all of eternity just because you didn't have a place to make it happen!

What can I use the studio for?

Below is a list of possible NMR Studio projects to help you brainstorm. We are hoping you will propose a project that is not on the list, or that we have never even thought of!

  • short-length and full-length documentary and non-fiction video
  • short-length and full-length fictional video (drama, comedy, action, mockumentary, etc.)
  • experimental/avant-garde video
  • video editing and titling
  • video mash-ups (found footage, parody, etc.)
  • still photography
  • digital art
  • flash video
  • audio and video podcasts and blogging
  • Creating webcasts (particularly informative or educational)


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