New Media Rights joins filmmaker groups asking for copyright reform of Section 1201 of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act

Following up on our recent comments requesting reform of section 1201 of the Copyright Act, last Friday April 1 NMR filed a reply comment with the International Documentary Association, Film Independent, Kartemquin Educational Films, and Indie Caucus.

Section 1201 unecessarily restricts all kinds of otherwise legal reuses of content, including by filmmakers, consumers, and remix creators. 

This reply comment asks the Copyright Office to fix the ineffective section 1201 process, which does little to prevent actual copyright infringement. Our initial comment asks for a complete reform to section 1201 through legislative action. This is more focused on advising the Copyright Office of procedural changes it can make to section 1201’s rulemaking proceedings while we await legislative change.

We again want to thank 2L Rayman Khan and 3L Nicholas Petruolo for their research and work drafting New Media Rights' comments to this proceeding.

We appreciate the opportunity to offer the Copyright Office suggestions to improve the section 1201 DMCA processin light of our firsthand experience from working with clients who frequently deal with Section 1201 on a regular basis. 

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