Sample Platform for Candidates Committed to an Open Internet

This is a sample platform for any candidates for Congress to show support for an open internet.  Demand your Congressional candidates support an open internet by asking them to adopt this sample platform on twitter, facebook, and through other social media.


(Candidate's name)'s platform on:

Keeping the Internet Open


(Candidate's name) recognizes the importance of keeping the internet open. It is essential that the open architecture of the internet remains, preserving the free choice, competition and innovation that have driven the Internet and made it so successful.


Net Neutrality would make large internet access providers (IAPs) follow basic standards to ensure Internet users’ access to content is not blocked or slowed down. Without minimal regulations, Internet Access Providers could control which internet users have access to the best services, as well as what applications internet users watch their videos through or hear music from.


(Candidate's name)'s concern is supported by the statements of Sir Tim Berners Lee, widely considered as the inventor of the world wide web, who also supports Net Neutrality. He warns:

"We assume that when we look up a web address and the domain name to get that page that you can get any page because that's how it's always been, a lot of companies would love to limit that. If they're trying to sell you movies streamed online, they'd like to slow down your access to other people's movies, so you'd come back to them. If they sell you telephone services, they'd love to block voice-over-internet connections, or just slow it down so you decide it's not a very good technology and go and use theirs instead. They'd like to tell you where to buy your shoes by slowing down the service to one site but not another."

As a supporter of Americans’ rights to free speech, (Candidate's name) wants to ensure your right to both view important content, as well as to use the internet as a tool for communicating with your fellow citizens. The internet is the most valuable communications medium of our time, and allows Americans to engage in a dialogue that is often not found on mainstream television and radio stations. IAP’s have already proven that they are not upholding constitutional rights of free speech by slowing or blocking transmission of particular content, and (Candidate's name) will make sure they can’t continue these practices.


The open architecture of the internet is essential to innovation and education in this country. According to the recent research (Strategy Analytics), America ranks 23rd in broadband development. This is based on five categories: household penetration, speed, affordability, value for money, and urbanicity. This is not good enough, and will demand we do better. The FCC must support an open web to improve Americans’ access to broadband and for us to remain a competitive force in the global market.


If elected as your congressional representative, (Candidate's name) will being a critical voice on the legislative framework that ensures an open internet, making sure that content and applications on the internet are available to the public.



Congresspeople who support Net Neutrality:

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