Media and Data Privacy Law at Serra High School

New Media Rights recently teamed up with California Western's Community Law Project (CLP) to present another media and privacy law presentation, this time at Serra High School!

Assistant Director Shaun Spalding and Staff Attorney Erika Lee talked to four classes at Serra about some of the laws that control deceptive advertising online, data collection laws like the Children's Online Privacy Act, and how social media sites comply with these important laws. We also got to talk about how some artificial intelligence technologies learn from the content that people post online. 

The discussions focused on how to avoid falling victim to and finding remedies for fraud on social media services, as well as how your data is being used and how privacy laws are available to help you control how much or little access users want others to have to their data.  

New Media Rights works with a variety of different local organizations that make a social impact on the local community. One of these organizations is the Community Law Project, one our sister clinics at California Western. CLP is is a law student-run project which provides pro bono legal services to low income people in the greater San Diego community. CLP assists individuals who are homeless, disabled, immigrants, or otherwise without access to legal services, and provides law students with experiential learning and an awareness of the community’s legal needs, and instilling in them a desire to pursue pro bono work during their careers.

Thanks to Serra High School and CLP for having us!

This presentation was made possible in part by the Rose Foundation.

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