Mayra Hernandez


Legal Intern

Joined NMR in: 

August 2021

Mayra Hernandez was born in Mexico City and has lived in San Diego most of her life. She currently serves as Intramural Athletics Director for Cal Western’s Student Bar Association. Before coming to law school, she obtained a Bachelors and Masters in mathematics. After which she worked on research in applied mathematics and taught mathematics from elementary on to college.  

In law school Mayra has helped trademark applicants as they navigate the trademarking process. Mayra has written about virtual worlds and is interested in cryptoart. Not an artist by trade, she loves to see the creative process unfold. Art being older than written language it’s so intertwines with our humanity that it can’t but also in simple and complex ways touch notions of how societies are organized and connect. As new media forms mature our own legal systems mature and evolve alongside, while at the same time offering our science and technology vitality in new expressive outlets. 

In her free time. Mayra enjoys hanging out, traveling, hiking, and being in the outdoors. She loves trying out new recipes. Being mostly vegetarian for the past decade has given her new opportunities to re-invent old favorite recipes or to think of new combinations. Mayra is a certified yoga teacher and can’t wait to go out dancing!