Katie Rast



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June 2013

Katie is the Director of the San Diego instantiation of the MIT Fab Lab, a community-driven digital fabrication laboratory and educational program provider.  She has also worked with UCSD K-16 Programs as the Consulting Director of the STE[a]M Program, aimed at integrating science and arts into college preparatory learning.  Additionally, she works with technology-based projects and platforms that assist first responders in humanitarian assistance/disaster relief settings.

Upon being introduced to the world of Fab and trained by the Center for Bits and Atoms in 2007, Katie became a dedicated promoter of the Maker Movement and the building of an Innovation Ecology locally.  Before this, Katie split her time between working in communications and education - heading a consulting business and serving as the Marketing Director for the retail and wholesale divisions of a mortgage bank while developing digital media curricula for community-based organizations serving youth considered at-risk.

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