From Here: A story about an international generation's fight to redefine what it means to belong

New Media Right is proud to have worked on FROM HERE, a documentary film by Christina Antonakos-Wallace that follows four young people who represent the future of global citizenry. Filmed over the better part of a decade in two of the world’s largest immigration countries–the U.S. and Germany–FROM HERE captures an international generation’s fight for belonging in an era of rising nationalism. 

Set in Berlin and New York, FROM HERE interweaves the stories of Tania, Miman, Sonny and Akim – artists and activists raised in the Global North to parents from the Global South. The film accompanies them as they move from their 20’s into their 30’s, facing major turning points: fighting for citizenship, creating a family, surviving violence, and finding creative expression. Beautifully shot over the course of ten years, the film captures their struggle to define belonging for themselves in societies increasingly hostile to their existence.

Documentaries often need a variety of legal services, from hiring a crew, to copyright, fair use and licensing, to distribution agreements. New Media Rights works with a variety of documentary and fictional video creators to overcome the legal hurdles to making their productions a reality.

"We had an excellent experience working with New Media Rights on assessing the Fair Use of archival and found media in our film FROM HERE,” says director Christina Antonakos-Wallace. “Erika and the team were incredibly detail oriented, willing to help us problem-solve our Fair Use issues, and supportive of our work as independent filmmakers in a challenging landscape. I am incredibly grateful that NMR exists as a resource not only for filmmakers but for the benefit of the wider public.”

To learn more about the film, you can visit the FROM HERE website.

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