Founder's Page

This is a list of individuals and organizations that have made significant donations to New Media Rights and were willing to share their name as Founders and Champions.  We are extremely grateful for their support.  We are looking for more Founders and Champions to support our work providing legal services to folks who otherwise wouldn't have access. 

To be counted a Founder, the minimum yearly donation is $250 for an individual, or $500 for an organization. Champions are individuals or organizations that have given $1000 or more in the last year.


In memoriam Aaron Swartz


Michael Singh

Roberto Rico 

Art Docent ProgramLearning about art. Making art.


Ted Hahn


John McDonald - McDonald Productions

Cy Kuckenbaker - Cy's Film

Mary Clare Hunt - In Women We Trust

Kurt Arend

Michael Colin

Baris Efe


J. Salinas