New Media Rights to speak on webcast DMCA panel hosted by NAMAC and the Daily Dot


New Media Rights will be speaking on a live webcast panel March 27 about the DMCA and its impact on artists and creators.  You can watch it at the link below  The panel is hosted by The National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture  and The Daily Dot and will be held in a Google Hangout live at 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern March 27.  Specifically, we'll discuss the DMCA and the various ways its safe harbor and anti-circumvention provisions affect creators directly.

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Interacting with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

An InterActs Live Google Hangout
Hosted by NAMAC and The Daily Dot

Wednesday March 27 at 3 PM EST/ 12 PM PST

Watch the conversation live right here!

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If you've ever gotten a takedown notice on your YouTube account, had your DVD player or other software tell you that the movie you're trying to watch is rights-restricted, been the victim of a false copyright claim, or tried to watch Buffy v. Edward but couldn't find it or found it littered with ads, then you know how confusing and frustrating the concerns regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) can be.

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the DMCA contains two main clauses that have been most at issue in creative practice:

"The 'anti-circumvention' provisions (sections 1201 et seq. of the Copyright Act) bar circumvention of access controls and technical protection measures. The 'safe harbor' provisions (section 512) protect service providers who meet certain conditions from monetary damages for the infringing activities of their users and other third parties on the net.

Join The Daily Dot and NAMAC in our next InterActs panel, for a lively and interdisciplinary conversation with creators, fans, educators, and tech and legal experts, to discuss how these two clauses of the DMCA are being used (or misused) by copyright holders and impacting (or threatening) creators' fair use of copyrighted material. In this engaging round table, we'll discuss the victories and challenges in protecting fair use and extending DMCA exemptions across media arts disciplines, and get to know the community that is staunchly and successfully protecting creators' rights.

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