Drumbeat San Diego Working Schedule

Time / Space

Main Room Gallery  Backstage Outside / Open Space

12:30 - 1:15

Lunch, Science Fair, and Networking (first 60 participants to show up get a FREE lunch from MIHO GastroTruck!)

 1:15 - 1:45  Welcome & Lightning talks!
 1:45 - 2:15 Human Spectogram
 2:15-2:30 Break & Session setup

Space 1

Space 2

Space 3

Space 4

Space 5

Space 6

 Space 7

DIY & Maker Culture International Drumbeat Projects

Citizen 2.0

Using the open web to transform health Open Data

Open Source Music Experimentation


Open Space for Collaboration


First Breakout Sessions

Build your own video portal in 1 hour

P2P University  Citizen 2.0 - Strategies for using the web to better monitor local governments & create more active citizen w/  Copswiki

 EAT (Educate, Align, Transform) Good Food Project

SD Open Data Project w/ Open San Diego & The Watchdog Institute

Open Source Music Experimentation

(Audacity, Ardour)

 3:30-3:45 Break


Second Breakout Sessions

 Future of HTML 5 w/ CloudCanvas's

Chance Roth

  Making Mozilla Better (with Marcia Knous of Mozilla)
 Citizen 2.0 (cont'd)
EAT Good Food Project (cont'd)
 SD Open Data Project (cont'd)

Open Source Music Experimentation

(Ardour, Pd, Hydrogen)

 4:45-5:00 Cupcake Break w/ VintageSugarCube.com - San Diego based food blogger Jenny Johnson will share her gourmet cupcakes with Drumbeat San Diego participants.


Third Breakout Sessions

FabLab San Diego

DigiFab around the world

Open Space

Instant Impact - Government & Online Participation


EAT Good Food Project
  SD Open Data Project (cont'd) Open Source Music Experimentation - Creative Commons / Open Licensing Discussion)  
 6:00       Closing ceremonies