A CRISPR Bite: New Podcast Breaks Down Gene-editing Technology and Agricultural Production

New Media Rights recently worked on the podcast A CRISPR Bite, produced by Corinne Ruff and the GEAP3 Network (Genome Editing and Agricultural Policy, Practice, and Public Perceptions).

CRISPR gene-editing technology came out as a massive biotech breakthrough in the last decade, but most people have still never heard of it. In a new five-part podcast series, called A CRISPR Bite, food anthropologist Dr. Lauren Crossland-Marr takes listeners into the labs where researchers are tinkering with food genes, to help break down the problems they’re hoping to solve – and what’s at stake.

Podcast creators often need a variety of legal services, from copyright, fair use and licensing clearance reviews, to assessing defamation risks, to reviewing distribution agreements. There are legal needs at all stages of producing content like a podcast, and New Media Rights was glad to be able to provide services to Corinne and her team to help them in the launch of A CRISPR Bite.

Often, creators don’t know where to turn when they run into legal issues, or don’t have the budget to explore preventative legal services, particularly when it comes to fair use issues. But getting assistance early can be an important step to prevent future issues, and that’s where New Media Rights can help.

“I am so grateful to have been introduced to Erika and the team at New Media Rights!” says Corinne Ruff, Executive Producer of A CRISPR Bite. “I appreciate that an organization exists to help independent creators on shoestring budgets learn more about legal issues and feel confident in releasing their work. Because my podcast was grant-funded for educational purposes, I didn’t have the budget to seek legal assistance elsewhere. But I knew I didn’t have the expertise on my own to make sure the clips used in the podcast followed fair use guidelines.

“It was so wonderful to work with Erika, who graciously agreed to take on my project on a short deadline in order to meet my publication timeline. She’s the type of person who always makes the time to answer questions and provides information that may not even be on your radar. I learned so much from her and the team, who provided incredibly thorough and thoughtful advice. I highly recommend independent producers seek out their legal services so they can focus on other aspects of completing important creative work.”

You can listen to A CRISPR BITE here.

New Media Rights is proud to have provided legal services to this podcast. Learn more about our services for podcasters here.


This testimonial does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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