NMR Testimonial: Michael Colin

Michael Colin is a independent documentary filmmaker.  Documentary films often reuse content that already exists, and if that content isn't in the public domain, or licensed, filmmakers sometimes need to rely on fair use under copyright law.  New Media Rights helped Michael analyze the Fair Use issues in his film.  Here's his testimonial of how we helped him.

How did you find out about New Media Rights?
There is an online community called DocuLink. A member had posted a question about legal resources for fair use, and New Media Rights was highly recommended.

What was the problem that you asked New Media Rights to assist you on?
I have a documentary that presents a very strong case for fair use, but I was unsure about how to make a solid presentation to potential distributors and E&O insurers. I was looking for fair use review and feedback.

How did you feel about having this problem? or What were your concerns before NMR assisted you?

I was concerned about putting the work out for distribution without prior review for fair use.

How did New Media Rights help you with your problem?

Art was extremely responsive to my inquiry. He watched my documentary and presented me with a list of questions and concerns. While I had previously viewed my program with a careful eye for copyright issues, his feedback sent me back with an even more critical eye. I addressed Art's questions and concerns, and concluded that I did, in fact, have a strong case for fair use in this case. This gave me the ability to move forward in working with a potential distributor and E&O policy. 

Why would you suggest other people check out New Media Right and ask for assistance from us?

I found Art to be extremely responsive and helpful in working with me. For a pro-bono service, that's extremely uncommon. I got a keen sense that this organization is truly interested in helping creative people understand their options in the often confounding world of copyright issues. There is no way I could have afforded a private attorney's assistance. In my case, the help from New Media Rights allowed me to move past a logjam to get my project out there for distribution. I made two donations to New Media Rights for its assistance, and would encourage anyone who benefits from the organization's help to support it with a donation as well.

This testimonial does not constitute a guarantee,warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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