Did you receive an errant copyright notice for Liberty Media Holding LLC v James March et al (10-cv-1809)?

Did you receive an errant copyright notice for Liberty Media Holding LLC v James March et al (10-cv-1809)? If you received any notice relating to this case, please email us at support@newmediarights.org or call us at 619-591-8870.

We recently spoke to an individual whose IP address was apparently identified in Liberty Media Holding LLC v James March et al (10-cv-1809), who contacted us when he received a notice from Verizon that his identity had been subpoenaed by Liberty Media Holdings.  The letter stated,
"The Plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit alleging that various people have perhaps infringed their copyright by illegally download and/or distributing a movie."  
The Doe wanted to know when this download occurred and what movie had been downloaded.  We pulled up the case to see if we could find what the infringing content was.  The problem was that Liberty Media Holding LLC v James March was not a copyright case.  It was a cybersquatting and trademark case.  We contacted the counsel for Liberty Media, and they confirmed that this was a not a copyright infringement case.  They suggested we contact Verizon.  We then contacted Verizon and they told us that it was a one time mistake, a simply clerical error.  The Doe in this case had apparently received this notice in error, and was not a defendant in any illegal filesharing related case.   
The concern with this clerical error is if the Doe had behaved as if this was a legitimate notice. The letter to our Doe included,
"If you are interested in discussing this matter with Plaintiff's attorneys, you may contact them ... They can speak with you about settling the lawsuit, if you wish to consider that."  
The important lesson to take from all of this is if you receive a notice from your internet access provider that you are part of a copyright infringement lawsuit, make sure to check the facts before you decide how to proceed. In this case, the individual notified was not actually a defendant in any filesharing case.
If you received a notice from your Internet Access Provider in the Liberty Media Holding LLC v James March et al (10-cv-1809) case, please contact us at support@newmediarights.org or 619-591-8870.
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