California Western School of Law student brings Bitcoin knowledge to San Diego’s tech community

Imagine a world where you didn’t need a central bank to transfer money at a hefty markup. Enter Bitcoin, a new digital currency disrupting the banking industry.  Before he came to law school, New Media Rights Intern Emory Roane actively worked with this disruptive technology as a Bitcoin miner. Miners help to verify financial transactions in a giant public ledger. Recently Emory was asked to share his knowledge of Bitcoin on a panel called “Can Bitcoin Pay for the Internet of Things”; alongside Bitcoin and cyber security experts Bill Bonney, Justine Phillips, Paul Puey and Paul Boulanger.  Emory provided an introduction to Bitcoin to the 75+ individuals in attendance, and shared his insight throughout the evening.  Since this panel, he’s been invited to present on Bitcoin at the upcoming Bitcoin Investors conference in Las Vegas, and is working on a Bitcoin related project in the New Media Rights clinic.

Emory had the following to say:
"Really, we're only just beginning to get glimpses of how Bitcoin and related technologies are going to impact society. Over the next decade or so we're going to see in much more detail the ways that blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies interact with and challenge the legal world, and I'd like to be in a front row seat for that show."

New Media Rights Staff Attorney Teri Karobonik had the following to say:
“One of the reasons we love working out of CyberHive is that it gives our students a chance to interact with the local tech community at great events like those put on by CyberTECH. Emory really has taken full advantage of the resources available to him to help him build the connections he’ll need to thrive in the new economy.”

To attend great events at CyberHive check out their meetup page here. Law students interested in learning more about the New Media Rights – Internet & Media Law Clinic can find out more here. You can also learn more about Emory on his personal website here.

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