NMR Testimonial: Maricar Camaya

Maricar Camaya is a filmmaker interested in international gender and sexuality issues. He describes how New Media Rights helped him:  

How did you find out about New Media Rights?

Through the Media Arts Center San Diego

What was the problem that you asked New Media Rights to assist you on?

I was creating a short documentary relating to anti-homosexuality laws in Uganda, and I was using a newspaper article and photos I had found online.  I had asked New Media Rights to review my documentary and see if there were any fair use issues with the article and photos I had used.

How did you feel about having this problem? or What were your concerns before NMR assisted you?

I felt unsure about whether or not I could use this material and needed clarification.

How did New Media Rights help you with your problem?

Art Neill reviewed my video and explained which segments may have potential legal issues and why, which helped me determine whether or not to use them.  He also gave a detailed explanation on how to use material (photos, music) that is under a Creative Commons license, in my videos.  He broke down the requirements of each type of license and how to credit the material.

How has NMR helped improve your life?

I'm very happy that NMR exists in San Diego.  There are different articles online that discuss fair use rights for media artists, but it really helps to meet with another person one on one and get clarification about what my rights are as an artist.

Why would you suggest other people check out New Media Right and ask for assistance from us?

First of all, it is a FREE service in the community.  Secondly, they have how-to-guides on their website (for example, guides on accessing and using photo/ music resources for filmmakers) that are easy to useand understand.  And lastly, the staff are friendly and down-to-earth. I would not hesitate contacting them about other media rights questions I have in the future.

This testimonial does not constitute a guarantee,warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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