New Media Rights defends consumer website from overreaching trademark enforcement by

New Media Rights recently defended when it was asked to cease and desist from using the term "Ask Hal" for its free Q&A dear abby style auto fraud service.  A Florida law firm demanded that cease its use of "Ask Hal," which refers to the website's encouragement to visitors to "Ask Hal a question" about Auto Fraud.  In its response to overzealous claims of, New Media Rights points out that extending Ask Hal to cover's service would essentially forbid use of those words in their generic , common (lexicographic) usage sense.  In addition,'s free, nonprofit public interest Q&A auto fraud service targeted at consumers is not confusingly similar to 's services, which apparently provide expert witness services to specialized clients as opposed to the general public.'s letter as well as's response are attached below.

UPDATE 4-1-2009:  This is no April fool's joke, response letter insisting the use of the words "Ask Hal" is trademark infringement.

Contact New Media Rights if you'd like share a similar story about a trademark dispute with a company, New Media Rights may be able to assist you.

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