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New Media Rights offers free and low cost legal services. For examples of the types of clients we work with, visit our detailed New Media Rights Legal Services page.  Here's a quick list of the types of services we provide:

  • How to legally reuse or remix Copyright protected work (fair use, parody, mash-ups, sampling, remix, etc)
  • Copyright, licensing, trademark, and other legal expertise for internet users
  • Responding to a DMCA takedown notice or cease and desist letters
  • Respond to other unfair content takedowns, access limitations, and account terminations
  • Advising individual smart phone and mobile internet users of their right to control their personal information, including location based information and personal data
  • Advising individuals smart phone and mobile internet uses about other abuses related to the use of your smartphone, including throttling of broadband internet, problems with pirated mobile apps and other issues.
  • Counseling with individuals and mobile app developers on user privacy, data aggregation, and trademark issues
  • Drafting a terms of service agreement or a privacy policy for your website or blog
  • Advice on things you can do to legally protect yourself as a website operator
  • Reviewing documentaries and comic books for legal issues
  • FOIA and Public Records Act requests

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New Media Rights also creates how-to and legal guides on these topics thanks to your questions.

We apply the trends that we are seeing in our legal assistance to advocate for improved public interest media policy.

Who New Media Rights Serves

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We want to thank those who make our services possible, particularly our individual donors, California Western School of Law, and the City of San Diego Economic Development Department.

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NMR Stories

Testimonials of some of our clients
  • New Media Rights had the pleasure of working with another great non-profit. Daniel Newman is Co-Founder and Executive Director of MapLight, a nonpartisan nonprofit illuminating the connection between money and politics in unprecedented ways. Mr. Newman briefly discusses how New Media Rights helped Maplight.

  • New Media Rights recently protected blogger Michael Petrelis' speech and commentary regarding another blogger who pretended to be a gay Syrian woman living in Damascus. 

    Mr. Petrelis is just one example of the hundreds of individuals who rely on New Media Rights daily.  His story reminds us that we have the right to criticize and comment on the culture that surrounds us.

  • David Almilli an entrepreneur and the innovator of the Wordsmith App. Below is David's testimony on his experience receiving assistance from New Media Rights, that helped him fight and win against game giant, Hasbro.

  • Sue Wilson needed assistance regarding copyright and fair use. New Media Rights provides resources on copyright law, and may be able to assist you with your copyright and fair use questions, just contact us.

  • Abdul Buul needed assistance with copyright and other issues as a local San Diego independent filmmaker.  New Media Rights has guides that help our local creators, and we may be able to assist you, just contact us!

  • Gene Composer needed assistance on a DMCA takedown notice on Second Life where her artwork had been wrongly removed from the site. New Media Rights helped restore her artwork. New Media Rights has guides on the DMCA, and may be able to assist you with your DMCA takedown questions, just contact us!

  • Andrew Bratt is a local San Diego innovator who was looking for assistance on music licensing and agreements for his innovative startup. New Media Rights has guides on copyright and licensing, and may be able to assist you with your music licensing questions, just contact us!

  • New Media Rights helped Anita Sarkeesian, who is a remix artist and the founder of Feminist Frequency. Anita is a talented remix artist, video editor and feminist cultural critic who created a video that was taken down from Youtube under the label of "inappropriate content". New Media Rights believes that Youtube must create an efficient process so that Youtube users can reach the proper channels to reenable their videos, whether the takedown is for copyright (DMCA takedown), inappropriate content, or other reasons.

  • This holiday season, Cy wants to share with you his story of how New Media Rights has helped him share his film with the world.

    Please donate to New Media Rights this holiday season.

    To see how our small but dedicated staff have cultivated citizen media and defended online rights throughout the year, you can also read a brief list of our 2010 List of Accomplishments.