Urban Beats works to de-stigmatize mental health issues through creative expression

New Media Rights works with a variety of different local organizations that use the arts and media to make a social impact on their local community. One of these organizations is Urban Beats, located here in San Diego.

Urban Beats is a program for Transitional Age Youth (TAY) that works to de-stigmatize mental health issues and enhance wellness through creative expression. The program also provides a space for TAY to freely express themselves, and encourages members to explore the creative arts and job opportunities within the San Diego community. 

New Media Rights Staff Attorney Erika Lee and Student Fellow Brittany Hernandez recently spoke to Urban Beats staff about copyright, licensing, and fair use.

Ignatius Nguyen, Youth Support Partner at Urban Beats, had this to say about working with New Media Rights:

“New Media Rights made copyright laws into digestible bite sized information for my team and I. The program I work for works closely with artists and musicians so this information is essential. When I first tried to study the subject on my own, I found it difficult because there are many sources and legalities to understand, and it was information overload.

Erika and Brittany who came in to teach our staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. After their workshop, my staff and I feel much more confident with the content we put onto our social media. Thanks New Media Rights!”

Hernandez could see the Urban Beats staff’s compassion for the young people they serve: “I was impressed by the staff’s dedication to providing them with a creative outlet to express their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Not to mention their commitment to further educating themselves in the relevant areas of the law that affect the projects they work on with the youth. I was happy to be able to further the goals and the mission of the organization by providing information about copyright, which is intricately connected to their methods for helping the young people of this community.”

Staff Attorney Erika Lee said “Urban Beats is using media and the arts to do such amazing work for the San Diego community. We are thankful that New Media Rights could be a go-to resource for a group that is passionate about addressing important issues in our community like mental health and wellness.”

New Media Rights is proud to have been able to speak with the staff at Urban Beats to help them understand how copyright law affects their projects.

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