From the site:

"Epitonic.com works with record labels -- mostly small, independent labels that aren't involved with the RIAA or their lawsuits -- to promote the music we like. The labels send us CDs for review and sign a contract allowing us to post a track or two for you to download or stream (depending on their specification).

When you download music from Epitonic.com, you have the same "fair use" rights as you would with any music you purchase. You can use it for school projects, copy it for your personal use or burn it to CD. However, you do not have the right to use the music commercially or to distribute it yourself. If you want to pass it on to friends, you should tell them to download it themselves from Epitonic.com.

Downloading music is not a crime. Sharing music, however, is illegal, and we don't condone it. Ultimately, all artists deserve to get paid for their music. Our hope here at Epitonic.com is that you?ll you use our site to find new bands, and then you'll support the bands you discover by buying their music and going to their shows."


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