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Essential Free and Open Source Software Toolkit

A tool kit full of Free or Open Source software
Open source software has gained popularity because of its effectiveness, flexibility, security, and low cost. By adopting an entirely new philosophical approach to software development and user freedom, open source software empowers you, the downstream user not just to use it to perform a task, but to build upon, adapt, and modify it to fit your needs. In this way thousands of developers and users around the world are able to work to improve the software's effectiveness, flexibility, and security. Join the many people around the world using open source software, a way of life that encourages openness, sharing, community, innovation, and discovery.

New Media Rights to speak at California Western's Entertainment and Sports Law Society Spring Symposium

Spring Symposium Schedule Saturday, March 7, 2009 Purchase Tickets at Students - $20 Attorneys - $25 (CLE Credits offered) 9:30-10:00 a.m. Registration 10:00-10:45 The San Diego Firm Setting: More Personal Representation Outside LA Rodney L. Donohoo, Law Offices of Rodney L. Donohoo Abbas Kazerooni, Esq., Partner @ Kazerouni Law Group 10:45-11:00 Networking Coffee Break 11:00-12:00 MySpace & You Tube are Forcing the Law to Catch Up with Technology Brooke Wentz, The Rights Workshop

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No more Windows XP

After June 30, 2008, Windows XP will no longer be offered by large PC makers, forcing users to downgrade to Vista. The other, likely option is that we see further movement towards OSX, and hopefully more movement towards the widespread use of linux(you can always easily give linux a shot, and keep your Windows by downloading an easy installer here ).

Comcast spits on Democracy and the Internet by tampering with FCC meeting on net neutrality

THIS JUST IN: Democracy for sale to the highest bidder! ....or something like that.... In a recent FCC hearing concerning network neutrality, Comcast paid bystanders to hold nearly all the seats in the hearing room (some of which were observed sleeping through the proceeding), forcing concerned members of the public that wished to participate to miss the meeting. The hearing was scheduled to address accusations that Comcast is blocking rival video-on-demand services on it's network. Read more at: or:

A citizen's legal guide to using Creative Commons licenses

In this Citizen’s Guide to Creative Commons, we’ll walk you through the various Creative Commons licenses, and explain the ways the different elements of a CC license work together. We’ll cover how to properly use and attribute someone else’s CC licensed work, and general best practices regarding CC licenses. Updated August 2015!