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Youtube puts ads on videos without permission

Youtube's filtering technology may be causing advertisements to appear on content without permission.  Besides the possible contract violations, the ads create catch 22's when uploading openly licensed (ie. Creative Commons) content to Youtube.   Youtube could have a significant effect on the future openly licensed video content.  This is appears to be a slap in the face to open content and step in the wrong direction.

Filmmaking Resource Guide - Topics

Filmmaking Tips
Preproduction Tips - Writing a script.
Postproduction Tips - Editing using final cut pro.
Shot Techniques and Composition - Basic camera movements, camera tricks and framing your shot.
Lighting - 3 point lighting and green screen lighting.
Sound - Making sure the audience can hear you!
Special Effects - Cool tricks made easy
Equipment - Using a wheelchair for a dolly and other gear you should look in to.
General Resources - Everything else

Documentary Filmmaking Tips
Documentary Planning - Telling a story
Documentary Sound - Miking a live event
Miscellaneous Documentary Filmmaking Tips - Character development and other tips to tell a story.

Documentary Filmmaking Tips
Documentary Planning - Telling a story