NMR community journalism project investigates: Are insurance companies paying doctors ?

This is New Media Rights Community Journalism Project's follow-up video to UCAN investigates: Are insurance companies failing to pay doctors ?. In this video John Mattes interviews California Insurance Commissioner to learn about what sort of regulation is happening to create healthcare reform in California.

San Diego Filmmaker Martin Johnson creates two Creative Commons documentaries on education and parenting

San Diego filmmaker Martin Johnson has produced two short form documentaries featuring local teachers discussing

  • the importance of parent involvement, and
  • how creating a math honor society encouraged inner city students to achieve
Both documentaries are licensed under Creative Commons licenses and were made using New Media Rights Free Public Studio equipment.

Filmmaking Resource Guide - Topics

Filmmaking Tips
Preproduction Tips - Writing a script.
Postproduction Tips - Editing using final cut pro.
Shot Techniques and Composition - Basic camera movements, camera tricks and framing your shot.
Lighting - 3 point lighting and green screen lighting.
Sound - Making sure the audience can hear you!
Special Effects - Cool tricks made easy
Equipment - Using a wheelchair for a dolly and other gear you should look in to.
General Resources - Everything else

Documentary Filmmaking Tips
Documentary Planning - Telling a story
Documentary Sound - Miking a live event
Miscellaneous Documentary Filmmaking Tips - Character development and other tips to tell a story.

Documentary Filmmaking Tips
Documentary Planning - Telling a story