All Your BASH Are Belong To Us

Many Linux/Unix programmers are not aware that a battle over Bash scripts is currently raging in a Kansas courtroom. A Linux cluster vendor, Atipa Technologies is claiming all the Bash scripts they shipped to customers contain trade secrets and were stolen by former employees. Should this issue be decided in Atipa's favor, the fundamental idea of shared and open software could be blanketed by the simple claim of trade secrets....

Stouder also mentioned that he had a lawyer in the beginning, but is currently defending himself and trying to educate the legal system on the concept of open source and sharing. Sadly, McGaugh, a much respected and liked contributor to the HPC community took his own life in in December of 2004. Rocky was a constant participant in open conversations about the means and methods of HPC clusters on the famed Beowulf Mailing List. When I mentioned this story to people they often ask "what can I do to help?" I mention that if they know of a lawyer that can assist Stouder, that would be useful. - Douglas Eadline, ClusterMonkey

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