Public Knowledge Issues Consumer Warning on "4G" Wireless Service

For Immediate Release:  August 3, 2011

Consumers should be wary of pitches by telecommunications companies for their newer, faster “4G” wireless service, according to a new report from Public Knowledge.

The report, “4G + Data Caps = Magic Beans,” finds that consumers will find their experiences with the faster services severely hampered by the rationing techniques the carriers impose on customers who use lots data — such as watching video.

The report found: “These data caps actively discourage the types of activities that 4G enables. Activities that are made possible by 4G, such as watching movies or uploading video to the internet, are made impossible by the data caps. As a result most users will avoid taking advantage of these new services out of fear of incurring large overage fees. That makes capped 4G little more than a bait and switch, like being sold a handful of magic beans.”

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