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Have you ever wondered about whether your blog or website is legally responsible for content created and shared by users? 

Did you know that if a third party user posts false or otherwise unlawful content on a website or blog, the service hosting the content is almost always not liable?  Read our new guide on the Communications Decency Act 230 Immunity to learn more!

As part of our incredibly productive summer assisting individual creators we have been defending against predatory lawsuits filed thousands of miles away against internet users accused of filesharing, and helping creators fight bullies who seek to silence them using the DMCA.

We also have advocated for policies that ensure an open internet, including in favor of Net Neutrality, against the Comcast-NBC merger, and in favor of new whistleblower protections.

We are currently organizing with people like you - local leaders, technologists, and artists, to shape Drumbeat San Diego, a participatory event hosted by New Media Rights and Mozilla Foundation. The event needs your ideas and leadership to be successful, so we encourage you to get involved as an organizer or consider proposing a project for the event.  You will find our latest resources for Drumbeat San Diego below in this newsletter.

Remember, we are here to help you with questions about your legal rights online and we offer free studio space, an editing computer and studio equipment, so contact us today to utilize these services! 

Please keep in mind that the assistance we provide is supported from donations by individuals like you, so please consider donating to us.  Small to large donations are very much appreciated.

Here's the latest:    

As always, if you would like assistance with your rights when using the internet, social media, or starting your own web service, its free! Just fill out our online form or call us at 619-591-8870.

Drumbeat San Diego Featured Posts

  • We have created great, new resources on our site so you can get more involved in Drumbeat San Diego!

Latest Media Policy News

  • Marvin Ammori's article offers a cheat sheet to some of the technical political and technological details of Net Netutrality. Posted on New Media Rights, Ammori explains what are some of the potential discussions happening around the Net Neutrality debate during the FCC's "closed-door meetings".  

  • We also want to congratulate our allies in the media reform advocacy- Main Street Project, Center for Media Justice, MAG-NET and Free Press for organizing a very successful "Future of the Internet" hearing in Minneapolis. Senator Franken, Commissioner Coops and Commissioner Clyburn were all ears as about 100 public citizens voiced their support of Net Neutrality and the importance of broadband for every community and element to daily life.

Ways YOU can get involved! :

Don't forget that we rely on you to help shape our work. We want you to stay involved with New Media Rights, and here's a couple ways you can do so:

- Give us a shoutout on
twitter, facebook, your own blog or website, or other social media

- Comment on the
New Media Rights website and social media presences.

- Share news and links with us as you come upon them

- Take part in events (we are working with Mozilla to host a Drumbeat / New Media Rights
event in SD this fall)

- Suggest new resources, projects, and advocacy efforts for us to participate in

- We are always open to publishing blogs written on new media topics (you can submit those to support@newmediarights.org), and there are
volunteer opportunities as well, some of which can be done remotely. 

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