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We've provided free and nominal fee legal services in over 1000 matters since 2008! These 1000 matters include creative projects, free speech, nonprofit services, and job-creating business ideas that may die on the vine, or be the victim of improper censorship without these services. But we can't do it without your help!  We're asking for your donation now to ensure our services will be available to the next 1000 clients who need it.

Your donation will help ensure we have the resources to reach a wide variety of clients to provide critical legal services. Clients much like Anita Sarkeesian. Here is her story of how we helped her fight improper takedowns of her pop culture critiques.  

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We'll be featuring more stories from a variety of creators, entrepreneurs, and even law students who support our work in the coming weeks over social media.

In addition to our one-to-one work, we've produced 150 educational videos that have received over 290,000 views! We've helped create public policies that improve our ability to access and remix the world around us, and to have control of what information and services we can access through new technologies like smartphones.  
We've been able to support this work with grants from the California Consumer Protection Foundation and the City of San Diego, but we're still independently funded, so we need your support today to help ensure our services will be available for years to come.

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New Media Rights #Oneof1000 Celebration
Our #Oneof1000 celebration features unlimited tacos, video and photo booths, 3-d printers, and a chance to meet a fantastic array of creators, entrepreneurs, and attorneys.  

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What else we've been up to in recent weeks: Protecting an Open Internet, fair use, and copyright reform

The creators and disruptive startups we work with rely on an open Internet, and we're fighting to protect the open Internet as an engine for creativity and innovation. Just in the last few weeks, we've filed comments in the FCC's Open Internet proceeding urging the FCC to use its TItle II authority to protect the basic tenets of an Open Internet.  We also wrote an article summarizing a few of the most outlandish claims by broadband providers in that proceeding that appeared on Techdirt.

In addition to our work protecting an open Internet, we recently filed an Amicus Brief in Capitol Records v Vimeo with allies to protect fair use.  We also participated in USPTO / Department of Commerce roundtables in L.A, where we argued for reforms to copyright law to protect remix creators and consumers.
Politifest, San Diego
Politifest is a family-friendly festival featuring community booths, activities, music and food. This year the goal is to set aside some of the politics that divide us and celebrate the many diverse neighborhoods that connect San Diego residents to one another. Come check out our booth and meet some of the NMR community. The event will be held Saturday August 3ed from 10AM to 2PM at Liberty Station in San Diego.

Useful guides - The NMR website has all kinds of guides and videos to help artists and creators, here's a few that can help you while you're out there creating.

New Guide explains your rights as a fan fiction writer in Kindle Worlds!

Fine print to plain english: things to look out for as a Kindle World author

How can you support independent creators and artists?

Please remember New Media Rights is an independently funded nonprofit program and relies on the support of individuals like you to provide free and low cost legal services to internet users and creators.

We accomplish a great deal on a modest budget, so any donation makes a huge impact for us.You can make a donation to support legal services and advocacy for internet users and creators by clicking here. Please also make sure to connect with New Media Rights on
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Thanks again for being part of the New Media Rights community. Keep an eye out as our future battles and work on behalf of internet users and independent creators continues.

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