Happy fair use Friday!

Fair use is one of the most important parts of copyright law. At New Media Rights we help guide creators through fair use on a daily basis. We also help innovative artists fight back against content bullies that don’t respect fair use.

As part of our ongoing efforts to support fair use, and as a way to spotlight some of the filmmakers we’ve helped guide through fair use, we’ve teamed up with the Digital Gym and the Media Arts Center of San Diego to screen three films that make use of fair use to tell compelling stories. Earlier this week we screened Children of the Stars and Herschel Sizemore, Mandolin in B. This weekend we’re rounding out the week with Valentino's Ghost.  Click here for more information on showtimes and tickets.

New Media Rights also spends quite a bit of time standing up to content bullies who try to monetize or take down videos and other creative examples of fair use. Last January, we helped remix artist Jonathan McIntosh get his amazing 'Buffy Versus Edward' remix back up after it was repeatedly taken down. In September, we helped the Media Literacy Project stand up to a bogus copyright claim from a third party. In October, we also helped the Lansdowne Library Teen Advisory Board get their video unmuted after it was disabled for the second time through YouTube’s Content ID system. Every time we stand up to a content bully, we stand up for fair use to ensure that this generation of creators have ample breathing space for unexpected and innovative uses through fair use.

If you have a question about fair use you can contact us here. And if you’d like to support our work you can donate here. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also follow Copyright Week here.

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