Fall 2018 Newsletter - Our Work and New California Laws Support Net Neutrality & Consumer Privacy


Here's what we've been up to lately:

Welcome to Our Fall 2018 Team!

This fall we welcomed our new team, including 2 returning student fellows. Over 100 students have  worked with us over the years serving internet users, artists, and small businesses. To our team both current and past, thank you!

Don't Panic! Reaches 1000th Sale

We’ve sold over 1000 copies of our book, Don’t Panic! A Legal Guide (in plain English) For Small Businesses and Creative Professionals! Don’t Panic is now used in over 10 graduate and undergraduate courses across the country to teach legal concepts to non-lawyers studying to work in journalism, film, game development and more. You can get your copy of Don’t Panic today, or contact us to get a sample syllabus for incorporating it into your classroom.

NMR Addresses the New California Consumer Privacy Act in Forbes Article

In June, California passed a new consumer privacy law that could have a significant impact on both consumers and businesses alike. You can read more about it in "What You Should Know About The New California Consumer Privacy Law" on our Forbes blog.

NMR Urges California Legislators to Enact State-based Net Neutrality Protections

We've advocated for Net Neutrality for the last decade, and in back in April we showed our support for SB 822, which would, for California, restore and expand on important net neutrality protections that the FCC repealed last December. That bill was signed into law in early October. The Justice Department immediately filed suit to try to block the law from taking effect. At the same time, 22 states continue to sue the federal government asking for reinstatement of the federal net neutrality rules.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Guides

We have two detailed guides available explaining the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. One is a guide for consumers to protect themselves from unwanted telemarketing, and the other is a best practices guide for small businesses, including online services, businesses, and nonprofits that need to contact users. If you're tired of getting spam calls and texts, or you're a business that needs to contact consumers, check them out to learn about your rights and responsibilities.

New Arts & IP Volunteer Lawyer Organizations List

While we do our best to provide free and low cost legal services, we’re only one organization. So we’ve put together a national list of Arts and IP Volunteer Lawyer Organizations for creators, entrepreneurs, and even other lawyers to help find other legal organizations working to fill the justice gap.

All the best,

Art, Shaun, Erika and the entire New Media Rights team

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