Everything is Remix 3 part series

Kirby Ferguson is a remix artists who has created the Everything is Remix series. In a February 2011 interview Kirby said:

"For me, a remix is a combination of existing elements, and though I do believe that, well, everything is a remix, I term works “remix” when you can recognize the “samples” they’re comprised of. For examples, in Led Zeppelin you can sometimes hear other people’s lyrics and melodies. Aerosmith, on the other hand, were derivative of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, but they didn’t use their melodies or lyrics. So even though Aerosmith’s sound is less original than Led Zeppelin’s, I wouldn’t call Aerosmith remixers. You can be a remixer and still have an original style. I think Tarantino and Lucas, for instance, are both very distinctive filmmakers. To rephrase, when I can see or hear “samples” in a work—whether it’s lyrics or melodies or lines of dialogue or camera angles—it’s remixing. It has nothing to do with originality, it’s about whether or not you can recognize chunks of other people’s work. And if you look closely enough, every work contains pieces from previous works." source

Video source, Kirby Ferguson Vimeo Channel

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