New Media Rights files comments urging the FCC to protect the Open Internet by maintaining Title II regulation.

The 2015 Open Internet Rules were preserved the internet as we know it at a time when Internet Access Providers were trying to change the internet forever for their own narrow profit motives. The rules ensured that the Federal Communication Commission could play a constructive role in ensuring competition, of ideas, products, and services

In 2014 we made Comments and Reply Comments, asking the FCC to classify the internet under Title II to protect internet consumers, innovators, and creators. We were cited numerous times in the final rule, particularly with respect to extending the rules to mobile broadband.

Recently, the FCC has done an about face, and now proposes an end to these successful net neutrality protections. This would be disastrous, so we recently submitted comments to the FCC addressing why the Open Internet Rules should remain and also highlighting the dangers of the proposed changes.

We particularly want to thank volunteer attorney Kyle Reynolds, as well as student fellow Cat Mineo, a 3L from California Western School of Law for their work on these comments along with Executive Director Art Neill.

Our comments focus on the reasons why the current classifications under Title II and FCC authority should remain. We also present examples of narrow business advantages reaped by the proponents of ending net neutrality and what these proponents don’t want you to know about the harms of ending the current regulatory scheme.

Our comments also provide a reminder about the public policy behind the current standards for internet conduct which are in danger of disappearing if the FCC should move forward with its proposal to end net neutrality protections.

Read our comments.

Visit this post to find out what you can do to support net neutrality.


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July 2017 Newsletter - Fight back with #TeamInternet, and save the date for our 10 year celebration this October!

The Federal Communications Commission, under it's new Trump-appointed chairman, has made a dangerous new proposal to end the hard-fought net neutrality protections that internet consumers, innovators, and creators fought for and won back in 2015.
Join us in fighting back with thousands of other organizations and web services this Wednesday July 12 to protect the internet as we know it. Learn more about what you can do by checking out this page and by joining the coalition of thousands of organizations and web services at Battle for the Net. #TeamInternet
In 2015, New Media Rights' comments were heavily cited in the order implementing net neutrality rules at the FCC. We'll be submitting comments July 17 to the FCC arguing that we must keep regulations in place to save the internet as we know it. 

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Save the date, we're celebrating our 10 year anniversary in early October!
We're celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. Whether you're a client, former student, or just love the work we do, come celebrate with us in early October! Right now it looks like our celebration will be Saturday, October 7 in San Diego, but keep an eye out for further details soon. If you have suggestions for the event, or want to update us with what you been up to, you can fill out our event survey here.
Welcome back to Shaun Spalding
Shaun Spalding has rejoined the New Media Rights team full time this July as our Assistant Director. Welcome back Shaun!
What we've been up to lately
Our Executive Director Art Neill recently spoke at national conferences of the American Intellectual Property Law Association and Investigative Reporters & Editors. We also have some recent client stories to share, including a math and science education virtual reality startup, and a couple of films (here and here) we've worked on.
All the best,
Art, Shaun, and the entire New Media Rights team
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NMR client brings the story of the first all-women crew to row across the Pacific Ocean to Netflix in Losing Sight of Shore

Congratulations to our client Sarah Moshman whose documentary Losing Sight of Shore recently made it to Netflix.  The documentary tells the story of the first all women team to row across the Pacific from the United States to Australia.

Films need alot of legal support to get from the idea phase to big time distribution.  Thank you to recent graduates Maresa Martin and Nathalie Garcia who provided legal services along with New Media Rights Executive Director Art Neill.

Director Sarah Moshman had this to say about working with New Media Rights.

"It was a pleasure working with New Media Rights. The concept of fair use and clearing clips can be confusing for filmmakers and Art & his team were very clear and helpful carefully examining the clips I planned to use and offering suggestions on how to ensure they were fair use. As long as you come to them organized, it is a painless process and can certainly save a filmmaker a lot of money on clearing clips! Would absolutely work with them again."- Sarah Moshman

New Media Rights is grateful to have provided legal services to this film. You can learn more about our services for filmmakers here

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Investigative Reporters & Editors 2017 - Law for independent writers panel

New Media Rights Executive Director Art Neill will be speaking at the Investigative Reporters & Editors 2017 Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Panel "Protect yourself now: The independent writer’s legal guide to contracts, clauses & conundrums" will cover everything from newsgathering laws to copyright, to writers contracts. Here are the details and our final presentation embedded below.

Panel: Protect yourself now: The independent writer’s legal guide to contracts, clauses & conundrums

Speakers: Victoria Baranetsky (The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press) & Art Neill (New Media Rights)

Time: 10:15am-11:15am

Location: W Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge 5350 E. Marriott Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85054


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She is an avid sports fan and is interested in pursuing a career in sports law and intellectual property. She is an active member of Entertainment and Sports Law Society, as well as the Student Intellectual Property Law Association as California Western. She is excited to help fledgling artists and entrepreneurs realize their dreams.


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