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New Media Rights provides free, nominal fee, and affordable full fee legal services to individuals, businesses, and non-profits that have questions regarding intellectual property, media, internet, and technology law. This includes copyright, licensing, contracts, privacy, trademark, and First Amendment free speech issues, among others (Learn more about our services).

Due to tremendous demand for our services, we will prioritize and expedite our response to you if you make a donation now, or have made a donation in the last 12 months.

A $75 donation ensures a 1-2 business day response time, and a $35 donation ensures a response within 4 business days. Your inquiry will be reviewed and responded to by an experienced, licensed attorney. While we do strive to eventually respond to each request, we cannot guarantee a timely response unless you have donated. A donation means we will prioritize and expedite a prompt response to your inquiry, but it does not guarantee we can take your case. 

If you are NOT a U.S. resident, please know we can only provide services to international clients regarding U.S. copyright law.

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New Media Rights is a program of California Western School of Law.