FCC gets an earful at Stanford public hearing on the need for diversity

Last week we wrote to you about the FCC's media ownership hearing in Stanford.

Here is the schedule of who spoke and the different panels http://www.rbr.com/media-news/24245.html

The Stanford Daily wrote that what "would benefit a discussion on media ownership is a consideration of when media innovations provide witness to, give voice to, inform, or assist communities and individuals in need, and what motivates those innovations." Many people spoke up saying they would like more diversity in their media. This included a woman from a peace organization called the "Raging Grannies", who sing about the harms of cross-ownership and media consolidation. Others who spoke up were Tracy Rosenburg of Media Alliance, who has written a couple of excellent articles on the opportunity of this hearing, but which often produces underwelming results.

Many public voices spoke up about the pending Comcast-NBC merger as a negative move towards more multi-platform consolidation.


FCC Fields Media Ownership Questions At Stanford Workshop source: Benton Foundation

F.C.C Begins Review of Regulations of Media Ownership  source: NYT

Sue Wilson's first hand account at the hearing : A Funny Thing Happened at Stanford's FCC Hearing

FCC seeks imput on new media ownership rules source: San Francisco Bay Guardian

Media Minutes report of the FCC hearing 

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