The future of Local TV News, and Newspapers in San Diego County

The purpose of this research blog is to find out how local news can better serve the citizens in San Diego County. Many folks in Southern California have stopped watching local news. They feel left out when it comes accessing the type of content they want.

"Local news is not relevant to their communities, interests and lifestyles." I have heard that comment time, and time again. So it's up to us to come up with a new model. I have a clean slate, an open forum for all of us to discuss this issue.

The questions I pose are:

What will local news look like?

Will news migrate entirely to the internet?

How can it best serve you, and deliver the content you want?

Lets throw tradition aside for a moment, and explore new ways to deliver content. This is an opportunity for us to get past the complaints on local news, and become part of the solution. I welcome, and appreciate your input. To lead off the blog, my question is: What will get you to watch local news, care, and trust an organization delivering it. Thank you, Pete

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